EnduraTM Feed Additive

Efficient finishing pig performance

Endura™ feed additives support respiratory health, immune function, and performance in piglets and sows, which can lessen the potential economic impact of such health challenges.

Endura™Pig supports piglets’ respiratory health and immune function when met with a health challenge during the critical first weeks post-weaning. Endura™Pig also promotes pig growth and performance throughout a respiratory challenge.  

  • In a research trial, challenged pigs fed Endura™Pig feed additive showed a 3.5 pound improvement in body weight and a 14% improvement in overall average daily gain (ADG) at 21 days post-challenge compared to control pigs (p<0.05).

Endura™Sow supports sow reproductive efficiency as well as both sow and pig performance during a respiratory challenge. Endura™Sow optimizes sow productivity by promoting feed intake during lactation.

  • In a commercial feeding trial in health challenged barns, Endura™Sow supported sow feed intake during lactation and optimized sow productivity, measured by more pigs weaned per sow per year.



Life Stages:

  • Sow
  • Piglet


Low inclusion rate


Supports immune competence

Promotes feed intake
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