PMI, a leader in feed flow technology with our proprietary ingredient FloMatrix®, has partnered with Activation Laboratories to test various feedstuffs from all parts of North America for the presence of various mycotoxins utilizing Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), the gold standard in mycotoxin testing.

In doing so, we can be out front with a clear mitigation strategy to control toxic mycotoxin levels in complete feed programs for cattle, swine and poultry.

This partnership has allowed for the creation of PMI’s testing program, MYCOnfident™. This program allows us to report levels of toxins specific to species of interest.

Through these MYCOnfident™ reports, we have created a database that summarizes toxin levels in feedstuffs at the state level over a range of 180 days to help identify areas throughout the United States that may have a higher toxin load due to weather and crop stress.

This program and reporting tool is available exclusively to users of FloMatrix® and to support their efforts in the field.

Please contact PMI,, to learn more about FloMatrix® and how to access the MYCOnfident™ testing services and our reporting dashboard.


Toxin Corn Corn Silage DDG Corn Gluten TMR
Aflatoxin (ppb)
Deoxynivalenol (ppm)
Fumonisin (ppm)
Ochratoxin (ppm)
Zearalenone (ppm)
T2/HT2 (ppm)

See Results from the Last 180 Days:

180 Days
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