New approach targets specific metabolic responses to elevate performance.

New approach targets specific metabolic responses to elevate performance.
Arden Hills, Minn. [Jan. 26, 2021] – PMI introduces Supplant phytogenics – the next-generation of phytogenic feed additives for poultry and livestock. Supplant phytogenics harness plants’ ability to prompt specific physiological responses in the animal. As demonstrated by the first product, Supplant D, this targeted approach delivers consistent results for elevated performance.
“PMI is taking a novel approach to phytogenic feed additives by targeting responses in the animal,” says David Bravo, Ph.D., Land O’Lakes director of innovation and technology scouting. “This is more direct than the common approach of using phytogenics’ anti-microbial properties to impact gut bacteria.
At PMI, we consider the unique production challenges for different species and life stages; we search for and identify the right phytogenic compound to assist the animal’s response.”
Here’s how Supplant phytogenics build on the deep connection between plants and animals to deliver results:
Phytogenics are the key to animal responses 

Plants contain compounds, or phytogenics, that elicit physiological responses in animals, called host-mediated responses.
Birds and animals have receptors along their guts and throughout their bodies that interact with phytogenics. Each receptor prompts a certain biological function, such as digestive enzyme secretion or anti-inflammatory response.
“By targeting specific receptors with the right phytogenic, we can ignite specific physiological responses for optimal performance in the face of common production challenges,” says Bravo.
Supplant Dfor broilers
The first available Supplant phytogenic is Supplant D, a feed additive for broilers.
“Gut inflammation causing reduced feed efficiency is a common challenge in broiler production,” says Stacie Crowder, MS, PMI monogastric product manager. “We have identified gut receptors to address those challenges and found the phytogenic key, Supplant D, to drive the targeted  response in broilers.”
PMI research shows Supplant D supported broiler weight gain and feed conversion. When compared to the control diets, the results of two 42-day PMI trials showed that Supplant D supported.1,2

  • An average of 3.6% improvement in body weight

  • Average of 2.5% improvement in feed conversion rate (FCR)

“Supplant D is targeted to work at the gut level for broilers to deliver consistent results,” says Crowder. “We would not use this same phytogenic in diets for cattle or swine. Pigs and broilers have different nutritional requirements, and they face different physiological challenges. They need unique solutions for the best results.”
Reaching the target intact
To be effective, phytogenic compounds must reach their intended target. Phytogenics are complex, and they have a long journey through feed processing and storage to reach their target receptor.
To ensure stability and efficacy, Supplant D is encapsulated to help maintain the integrity of the intricate phytogenic compounds throughout processing, storage and digestion. Protecting the phytogenics from the effects of time, heat and digestion helps them reach the target receptor to drive the desired physiological response to support consistent results.
“Today’s poultry and livestock production require consistent, predictable, measurable performance benefits,” says Bravo. “To deliver consistent results, we are considering the many ways plants elicit responses in animals independently of their possible anti-microbial effects. With Supplant phytogenics, we aim to unleash the power of plants to support poultry and livestock nutrition and health.”
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PMI is the feed additive business of Land O’Lakes, Inc., the leading farmer-owned agribusiness cooperative, with a multi-disciplinary expertise in innovation, emerging science, and animal nutrition and health. Our continuous exploration and ecosystem of exclusive global partners is creating the next generation of unique, targeted feed additives that improve animal performance, health, and welfare.




1 Virginia Diversified Research Company and PMI, 2019. Evaluation of Supplant in a used litter challenge study

2 Blue et al, 2020, Effects of a phytogenic feed additive on broilers during a necrotic enteritis challenge


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