By Stacie Crowder, MS, PMI monogastric product manager

Conversations about phytogenics for broilers – or any animal for that matter – usually start with a list of one-size-fits-all feed additives. At PMI, we are taking a targeted approach to phytogenics by recognizing the differences between different species and production phases.
Supplant D supports feed efficiency and weight gain for broilers. Find trial data here. Read on to learn how the targeted phytogenics in Supplant D deliver consistent performance results.
Supplant phytogenics target the animal directly
Supplant phytogenics are rooted in the deep connection between plants and animals. PMI’s approach is to directly target a physiological response in the animal and use phytogenics to trigger a specific host-mediated response.
The host-mediated response is a more direct application than the common use of phytogenics, which has been to balance the gut microbial population to support improved performance. For one thing, when looking at phytogenic levels needed to significantly impact gut bacteria from in-vitro studies, the inclusion levels are not feasible in production diets. Factors such as the barn environment, feed intake and bird stress create further inconsistency.
Targeting the physological response in the bird rather than the microbiome delivers consistent results.
Supplant phytogenics drive specific actions
This targeted approach is possible because plants and animals have a reciprocal connection, meaning they influence each other. Plant compounds or phytogenics lead to physiological responses in animals and birds through receptors along the gut that interact with phytogenics. Each receptor is connected to a metabolic response, such as digestive secretion or enzyme production.
Targeting specific responses delivers consistent results.
Think about it like a lock and key: The receptor is the lock, and the phytogenic is the key. When you put the right key in the right lock, a metabolic response opens a door for animal or bird performance.
Supplant phytogenics are not one-size-fits-all
Production challenges are unique to each species and performance phase. For example, broilers face different challenges than swine or cattle. Therefore, broilers need specific phytogenic compounds targeted to their challenges.
To identify the right phytogenic, we start with the challenge and work to the solution.

  1. Determine which production challenge to address, such as gut transit time, nutrient digestibility, inflammation, overall health or any other.

  2. Identify which metabolic response addresses the challenge. For example, support digestive secretions to improve nutrient digestibility.

  3. Focus on the gut receptor that drives the desired metabolic response.

  4. Find the right phytogenic to unlock the desired response.

By harnessing a bird’s natural responses to phytogenics, we deliver targeted solutions that optimize broiler performance.
Phytogenics for broilers
Supplant D optimizes three functions to support broiler performance: Anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and digestive enzyme production.
It is encapsulated to ensure the active ingredients reach their target in the small intestine.

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