Supplant phytogenics are rooted in the deep connection between plants and animals to deliver a targeted host-mediated response.


Reza Poureslami, Ph.D., poultry technical nutrition consultant


As a poultry nutritionist, I like to follow the “Triple S” philosophy when it comes to formulating diets:


·       Keep it simple

·       Support biological functions

·       Deliver synergistic benefits


Feed additives are a tool that can help you accomplish all three of these rules. But, not all poultry feed additives are the same. At PMI, we focus on multi-component feed additives, which are strategic combinations of ingredients that can deliver more significant potential benefits than individual components fed separately.


Multi-component feed additives work to simplify, support and synergize to help you expand what’s possible in poultry performance:


Simplify poultry nutrition and feeding


Using a multi-component feed additive can simplify diets and support bird performance during challenges. One multi-component feed additive can replace the need for formulating diets with multiple additives. Reducing the total number of ingredients helps simplify poultry nutrition and feeding.


Multi-component feed additives also simplify feed production by providing flexibility in ingredient purchasing and stocking. For example, choosing one strategic product instead of four can simplify ordering and open up storage space. It can also reduce the number of bags used, the time spent handling bags and the cost of bag disposal.  



Support your flock in all conditions


Small changes in a bird’s diet or environment can provide significant support for bird health and performance. Even everyday aspects of poultry production, including vaccinations, diet changes or transportation, can cause adverse effects such as decreased feed intake or nutrient absorption. The result? Declines in efficiency and growth.


Each component in PMI’s poultry feed additives has been chosen to support biological functions to help birds continue growing and producing despite outside factors. Our solutions contain only ingredients that work in specific ways to support poultry performance.


Examples include:


·       Optimize the balance of microbes in the gut

·       Support feed intake and digestive function

·       Optimize nutrient absorption


Create synergy for best results


The best way to simplify diets and support performance is by choosing ingredients that work together to provide the best possible outcomes. At PMI, we evaluate each ingredient’s precise mode of action and how the combined modes of action work together. You can see the results in expanded performance potential.


We also capture synergies by conducting research in multiple poultry and livestock sectors. Each species faces unique opportunities and challenges, but they also have much in common. We leverage experience with one species to enhance performance in another.

Are your poultry feed additives helping you simplify diets, support biological functions and working synergistically for the best outcomes? Do you see room for improvement? Multi-component feed additives could help you expand what’s possible in poultry performance.

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