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By Stacie Crowder, MS, lead swine nutritionist, swine technical innovation

Are you looking for cutting-edge tools to optimize late-finishing efficiency and support the health of your finishing pigs? No matter the size of the operation, finishing pigs face similar challenges. Challenges such as crowding, feeder competition and environmental stressors increase as pigs approach market weight. As pigs mature, they become less efficient due to an increase in fat deposition rather than muscle growth.

When U.S. packers eliminated the use of ractopamine in their supply chains, it left us looking for other tools to support optimal return on their investment. Ambitine® feed additive rises to the top of the choices for supporting efficiency and immune competence. With its ease of application and proven, consistent results, swine operations of all sizes can optimize their return on feed investment.

Ambitine® feed additive was developed specifically to support finishing pigs during common challenges, including crowding, feeder competition, environmental stressors and feed efficiency. Ambitine® feed additive is a research-proven multi-component feed additive. A meta-analysis of 10 trials shows Ambitine® feed additive supports pig performance in late finishing:

·       Average difference of +4.2% in ADG vs. control
·       Average difference of -2.6% in F:G vs. control
Ambitine® feed additive is proven in the market. Since its introduction in 2015, the use of Ambitine® feed additive has grown as producers of all sizes began including it in late-finishing diets. It is fed to one in five U.S. market pigs in late finishing.1

Nutritionists and producers are choosing Ambitine® feed additive because of its consistent, proven benefits, including:

·       Optimal feed efficiency
·       A targeted feeding duration. Ambitine® feed additive is only fed for the last 60 to 90 pounds of growth; approximately the last 20-40 days. 
·       It is market proven. Ambitine® feed additive has been on the market since 2015 and fed to more than 80,000,000 pigs.2
·       It is a multi-component feed additive. The strategic blend of ingredients supports gut function.

See  the difference Ambitine® feed additive makes by targeting late-finishing challenges.

Expand finishing pigs potential with Ambitine® feed additive

Ambitine® feed additive has shown excellent potential for optimizing the return on feed investment and is easy use with no additional reformulation needed.

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1 Information based on 2019 sales, USDA data, and a feeding rate of 2 lbs./ton for the last 70 lbs. of gain

2 Information based on 2015-2019 sales data and a feeding rate of .18 lbs./pig



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