Supplant phytogenics are rooted in the deep connection between plants and animals to deliver a targeted host-mediated response.


Feed additives are only a fraction of the diet, but they help expand what’s possible in animal performance. Our team identifies world-class ingredient sources so we can deliver innovative solutions that are relevant to your needs.
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Q: What is different about PMI feed additives?
A: At PMI, we specialize in creating high-performing multi-component feed additives. We combine specific ingredients, so the product delivers optimal impacts versus if you fed each ingredient separately. 
We are laser-focused on developing world-class feed additives using our broad base of research and experience in multiple livestock sectors. The swine, poultry, cattle and dairy markets face unique opportunities and challenges, but they also have much in common. We leverage experience with one species to support the performance of another.
Q: How do multi-component feed additives expand what’s possible?
A: The key to creating successful combinations is knowing each active ingredient’s precise mode of action and how those actions will work together. PMI feed additives are designed to support specific actions within the animal to expand performance potential.
For example, one way to keep animals performing is to help them stay healthy. A multi-component feed additive delivers multiple modes of action to accomplish this. With the right ingredient combinations, one product could:
·       Stimulate enzyme secretion
·       Support beneficial microbial populations
·       Optimize immune function
Small changes in a barn or feedlot environment can have significant impacts on animal health and performance. Even the everyday aspects of livestock production, including vaccinations, diet transitions or transportation, can adversely impact the animal by decreasing feed intake or nutrient absorption, leading to a decline in efficiency and growth. Multi-component feed additives give animals well-rounded support in any environment.
Q: What other benefits can I expect from PMI feed additives?
A: Multi-component feed additives support efficiency in feed manufacturing through flexibility in ingredient purchasing and stocking. Do you have limited space for ingredient storage? Selecting a multi-component feed additive can reduce the total number of products you need to store in the feed mill. It can also help reduce the cost of bag disposal, save time unloading trucks and moving materials, and simplify product ordering.
Even though PMI feed additives are only a fraction of the ration, they can expand what’s possible in animal performance. At PMI, we call it “Winning With a Fraction.”

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