As an industry, we are finishing a higher number of heavier weight pigs than ever before. By nature, pigs get less efficient as they mature. Are you using every available tool to support efficiency and minimize waste in late finishing?

Ambitine® feed additive is a multi-component solution that helps unlock the performance potential in finishing swine diets. This unique tool can address several common challenges in the late-finishing phase of pork production.

Research shows in the last weeks before market, pigs fed Ambitine® feed additive performed with:1
·       Average difference of +4.2% in ADG vs. control
·       Average difference of -2.6% in F:G vs. control
The common stresses of late finishing include:

1. Increased feed intake, pig size and limited feeder space leads to reduced efficiency. Pigs that weigh more than 285 pounds might eat an additional pound per day compared to lighter pigs. Meanwhile, finishing pigs are transitioning from primarily lean muscle deposition to a combination of lean and fat deposition. Fat deposition is less efficient than lean growth.

As a multi-component solution, Ambitine® feed additive supports optimal feed conversion during late finishing.

2. Erratic feed intake caused by increased feeder competition or other environmental stressors. Stress and interrupted feed intake can impact gut function and the ability to use dietary nutrients leading to reduced digsetive efficiency. 

Ambitine® feed additive was developed to address the potential decline by supporting overall gut function to optimize nutrient absorption.
Expand what’s possible

Pigs can benefit from multi-dimensional nutrition to help them respond to the complex mix of challenges in late finishing. The right combination of ingredients can help support efficiency as your pigs face barriers in the last weeks before market. 

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1Trials cited: FT150F-16 TB6; FT152F-17; HF726/729; WF001; FT116aF-10; HF739 TB2; FT140F-15 TB1; WF005; WF006; FT116bF-10; FT154F--17; FT145F-16



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