Finishing pigs can face multiple challenges that add up to threats to their immune competence and reduced efficiency. For example, they are susceptible to crowding and heat stress, both of which can impact feed intake and efficiency. Also, mature pigs are less efficient because protein deposition is more efficient than fat accretion.

Meanwhile, finishing feed represents about half the feed usage on a farrow-to-finish operation.So, how do you get the best return when the pigs that eat the most are also the least efficient?

You have many choices. Swine feed additives are one tool that can help deliver the results you need from your finishing diets.

Ambitine® feed additive was developed specifically to address common challenges for finishing pigs in the last weeks before market. A meta-analysis of 10 trials shows Ambitine® feed additive supported an average difference of -2.6% in F:G versus control diets.2

See the data showing the difference Ambitine® feed additive makes by addressing specific late-finishing challenges.

Not all swine feed additives are the same

Are you looking for new swine feed additives that support nutrient digestibility and immune competence? Ambitine® feed additive is unique. It is a multi-component solution formulated for use in the last 60 to 90 pounds of growth. Its multiple components support pigs as they face the many challenges of late finishing. Single-ingredient swine feed additives might address only one challenge.

Expand your finishing pigs’ potential with Ambitine® feed additive

Aside from helping to maximize the return on your feed investment, how else can optimizing efficiency help your operation? By reducing the total amount of feed used, you can help minimize biosecurity risk by lowering the number of feed trucks coming onto your property. 

Ambitine® feed additive has shown excellent potential for supporting return on feed investment and is easy to use with no additional reformulation needed. 

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1 Hansen, Jeffrey A. North Carolina State University Swine Nutrition Guide

2 Results combined from trials HF726, HF729, HF739, WF001, WF005, WF006, FT116F-10, FT140F-15, FT150F2-16, FT154F2-17



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